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Top 2 Kitchen Countertop Options in the Twin Cities

Updated: May 4, 2019

Top 2 Kitchen Countertop Options in the Twin Cities
Top 2 Kitchen Countertop Options in the Twin Cities

At Homestead Remodeling & Construction, we find that kitchens are often the heart of the family home. Surrounded by well-designed cabinets, appliances, and countertops, this is where friends and family prepare and share meals while creating both delicious treats and lifelong memories.


The overall look and feel of this popular space sets the stage for the quality time that is spent here, so it’s important to select a style that suits you well.  

With more than 15 years of experience as specialist kitchen remodelers in the Twin Cities, we know a thing or two about keeping up with the latest kitchen styles and design trends. Year-after year, season-after-season, we help homeowners like you select the home remodeling styles that work for your unique space and preferences. And in just these first few months of 2019, we have seen two clear contenders emerge in the race for top kitchen countertop styles in the Twin Cities: quartz and granite.

Both design trends are characterized by a high degree of durability, versatility, and timeless appeal, thus showcasing how much homeowners value both the design aesthetic and long-term functionality of their countertop styles. Learn more about the benefits — and limitations — of each stone material below.



Quartz has historically been a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Unlike granite, quartz is known as an engineered stone because it is not 100% natural. While 95% of the material that will end up being fabricated for your countertop is made of natural ground quartz, the other 5% of the manufactured material includes polymer resins.

Top 2 Kitchen Countertop Options in the Twin Cities

Style and Installation

However, it’s difficult to deny its natural look that can be custom-fabricated into any size or style. This versatility appeals to homeowners who are interested in different colors, patterns, and finishing techniques. Quartz also tends to be more flexible than granite which results in less chipping or cracking. This popular kitchen style has been conceived by homeowners as a high-end kitchen style alternative to granite with varying installation fees due to factors like leveling, adding supports, fabrication, and seam jointing.

Design Spotlight: Edge Treatments

From the smooth finish of an eased edge to the rounded design of a bullnose edge, these different types of edge treatments distinguish quartz countertops with decorative finishing touches.

Maintenance and Sustainability

Quartz is also distinguished from other kitchen styles because of its low-maintenance reputation. Known to be nearly indestructible, quartz is harder than granite and easier to clean because it is not porous. Also, unlike granite surfaces, there is no need to reseal the material on an annual — or more frequent — basis. Regular cleanings should be sufficient to maintain a hygienic, bacteria-free surface for the long term.

Quartz wins points in the sustainability sector when it is manufactured locally, thus requiring less distance during transport. Overall, quartz is a favorable option for kitchen designs because of its durable qualities and beautiful look and feel.

The limitations of quartz include an aversion to high temperatures and direct sunlight which may lead to damage or discoloration. It’s important to always place hot cooking pans on heating pads and to avoid exposure to strong UV rays, if possible, to minimize these types of risks.



Granite is a very popular natural stone that tops kitchen style lists year-after-year. This material is mined from quarries worldwide and is known for its exotic options that are truly unique. With a notable resistance to chemicals and high-absorption qualities, granite has both positive and negative characteristics that are worth considering when looking at different kitchen styles for your new home renovation project.

Top 2 Kitchen Countertop Options in the Twin Cities

Style and Installation

One of the most appealing things about granite is that it comes in nearly 3000 different colors and patterns. The elegant, luxurious appeal of granite makes it a go-to for kitchen remodeling projects when homeowners want to upgrade their kitchen's existing look while adding value to their homes. While installation costs tend to be higher for granite countertops over quartz installations, it’s important to note that cost has recently declined due to an increase in supplies so pricing is more competitive.

Design Spotlight: Real or Fake Granite?

From visible imperfections and a change in the pattern along the seams to an audible ringing sound upon tapping, these conclusive results should help you determine if your granite is real when shopping around for your new kitchen countertops.

Maintenance and Sustainability

Granite is porous which means that there is potential for staining when liquids like wines, oils, or water are spilled on your countertops. Daily cleaning with soap, water, or mild household cleaners should be enough to maintain a clean surface area on a regular basis, but an annual resealing is necessary for long-term care.

Granite Extraction

Granite’s resistance to chemicals and heat is particularly strong, but high impact blows may cause damage so it’s important to minimize risk. This material has a low efficiency ranking due to the high levels of energy that are required to quarry it properly as well as the carbon emissions that result from large transportation costs.

Overall, granite countertops deliver attractive designs that require regular maintenance to keep them looking elegant for years to come.

Granite Worktop
Granite Worktop


We Are Your Twin Cities Kitchen Remodelers

From the customizable qualities of quartz to the high cost of granite, the pros and cons of each countertop material are as interesting as they are important when making decisions about your upcoming home renovation project.

We have the time-tested experience to guide you through the selection process and transform your kitchen with exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Contact us to learn more about these top kitchen styles in the Twin Cities, or to get started on your new kitchen with a free quote today.

At Homestead Remodeling & Construction, we take a very collaborative approach to the home remodeling experience. Learn more about how it works or contact us to share your unique home remodeling vision today.


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