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Top Lighting Trends

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Since the invention of the lightbulb in the late 1800s, artificial light has fueled our 24/7 society. The right lighting can create a mood, help you to complete a delicate task, or even just give you the ability to read long after the sun has set.

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Natural Light

“Daylight is the gold standard when it comes to lighting, and it’s free,” says Doug Walter, AIA. “But the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours, so good electrical lighting is imperative.”  According to Walter, in addition to electrical light, designers are finding more ways to maximize natural light with larger windows and doors — and the addition of skylights. They are also incorporating fixtures that mimic daylight. Along with being cost effective and aesthetically beautiful, this practice is healthy, too. Sunlight exposure, whether natural or artificial, helps balance the body’s circadian rhythms, leading to increased energy and better quality of sleep.

Layered Lighting

Instead of just one main source of light, the concept of light layering — using many different types and intensities of light fixtures —is a best practice, according to Walter. Rooms might have a central fixture, recessed cans and indirect up-lighting, not only illuminating the room — but providing task lighting and accent lighting as well. A kitchen, for example, might have under-cabinet lighting, allowing you to chop with precision, with decorative pendants layered in for an overall glow.

Background Lighting

“Background or behind the scenes lighting is having a moment,” says Karyn Judd Reilly, CKD. Back-lit furniture pieces, lighting above kitchen cabinets, and toe kick lighting in closets and baths create a subtle glow and enhance design features. As the light source isn’t visible, it creates an opportunity for designers to use the light itself as a design element, adds Reilly, who is presenting Advanced Lighting for Kitchens and Baths.

Industrial Looks

Bare bulbs and industrial looks with exposed wiring are being used more often, even in traditional spaces, where it offers a nice contrast to the classic design. But, designers need to account for the glare these fixtures create, cautions Reilly, especially for clients who wish to age in place in their homes.

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